Sky Replacement


For this assignment, most of the challenges I faced were in matching the colors and tones of the skies to the images, helping them seem less retouched. I feel that I did this more successfully on the second image (temple) than the first (skyline). The strong tone of the city skyline made it difficult to convincingly alter to a sunset color palette. If I redid this, I would perhaps try to pick a more contrasted image in the first place to match the lighting conditions of sunset. 

In the second image, I faced the challenge of reflections. After flipping, multiplying, and blurring the sky, I found a simple black and white ripple pattern that I overlaid onto the un-waved parts of the water, and multiplied it over the reflective layer. If i spent a bit more time refining this, I feel that it would have had a nicer effect, but upon a first viewing it helps maintain the illusion I desired.