Expiration Date


Phew, is it midterms already? My last quarter here is going so quickly! Anyways, my focus of this quarter is working on films- so much comp, so many different kinds of problems to solve!! It’s like the world’s most stressful buffet.

For this particular project, the story is a futuristic setting reminiscent of many black mirror episodes- it takes place in a society in which people are euthanized if their contribution to society isn’t sufficient.

Most of the effects needed are to make the doctor’s office set seem more futuristic- smooth walls, lots of holograms, lots of touchscreens and screen replacements.

It’s been pretty simple so far- static cameras and some angels who shot clean green-screens. But I thought I would show a bit of my process!

Screenshot from 2019-01-29 13-16-38.png

How exciting!! Baby’s first professional node tree!! I mean, it’s not perfect by any means, but organization is something I always try and prioritize. Looking at it now I left a few key things unlabeled (i.e. the reflection, the light rays of projections), but the overall structure is starting to represent something production-ish.

Luckily a quick primatte was enough to pull a good key, although the edges in these particular shots are getting roughed up anyways. But I’ll show you what I pulled! These are from the image up above- the president on the poster is on the left, and the doctor is on the right.

There are a few more shots from this film that I’ve been working on, but you’ll more than likely see those on my demo reel, and my demo reel breakdown post when that goes up.