Delirium: First Draft


I was absolutely exhausted at the end of last quarter at the completion of my first comp draft of Delirium- I hadn’t even put it up on vimeo yet! Scrambling to pull together some audio, shoot in 360, shoot my slime on a greenscreen, and edit the massive 16GB file was a lot! I can lead a team, but when it’s my own concepts it’s a lot to manage. It’s easy to listen to a director say “Move that, change this, more blue here,” but to look at my own work and critique it based on my vision? Well, I guess I’m no auteur. But I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far! And it’s been an awesome learning experience for me, both as a compositor and a team leader.

Big thanks to my roommates for giving me a hand (haha….get it…..cause I filmed her arm………..anyways.) with my practical effects and slime recipes, and for taking the weird gross fake teeth off my hands when I was done. Hope you make some freaky art with those, Dee.

But yeah, Delirium has been pushed aside for the time being to focus on other films with much sooner much more important deadlines, but it’s still on the table and I WILL finish it. Feel free to watch it with headphones, in the dark, and look all around! It is designed to be seen in 360, so that’s absolutely the viewing experience I recommend.

(Also, I got the opportunity to show this in a real movie theater on a huge screen with big speakers for finals, and the crowd’s reaction was pretty great. I’ve been immersed in it for so long that I forgot it’s supposed to be scary!)