Practicing Cleanup

One of the fundamentals of compositing that I've been missing, especially for a junior compositor, is the workflow for cleanup and rotopaint. We have a limited amount of compositing classes here at SCAD, so I am currently working on two films (apart from The Yellow Wallpaper) that require cleanup work. Here I'll show a few shots and break down how I accomplished them. 

This film, a short fan film, was shot in front of a library. Most of the cleanup work was making the library seem like a museum instead- removing signs, etc. I also did a sky replacement. Here's a few comparisons and simple node trees.

This shot was simple- a short pan movement with plenty of good tracking points, and a simple paint-out.

For this shot, I pulled  a luma key to maintain the fine details of the Spanish moss and telephone wires against the thankfully very light and monotone sky. For the building, due to its boxiness, I just did a quick roto. There is a slight camera move, so I tracked and matchmoved the roto so it would stick.