More Photobashing and Projection

Between learning Vue, I worked on this little photobash in my spare time! I love the legend of Baba Yaga, the Russian witch with a house on chicken legs who flies around in a cooking pot. So, after some value mapped thumbnails, I just hammered this out! I looked a lot at Ansel Adams for inspiration for my value mapping, because his works are artfully burned and dodged to have a gorgeous array of values. Here's a select few I looked at for inspiration.

I wanted to practice more with color grading in Nuke because the workflow is far more intuitive and simple for me vs Photoshop, so once the basic shaping and some work on the house were done, I took it into Nuke. Here's some images from my photobashing process, including my ungraded image.

Once my typical projection was set up, I added some grain and chromatic aberration on top of it just for fun. I think really the only thing this is missing for me is some movement. I want to add some ambient breeze to the trees and movement to the water, but for time's sake I had to forego this.

Here's my final node setup.