One component of my matte painting class included the implementation of photogrammetry, so we are learning its workflow and process! I'm really excited to develop this, because it's a fascinating field to me, and I adore learning about new processes in vfx. That's my favorite part about what I study, actually! There's always something new to learn. But, Here's a bit on my learning process. Thanks to my good bud Dierdre for the use of croconana.


My first time around I took some pretty bad, incorrectly focused photos, which resulted in the world's holiest mesh, and not in a good way. Half the poor thing was missing! I didn't even bother to take it from point cloud into mesh, because half my photos were rejected by the program. Unfortunately, I didn't save it, so let's move on. Just know I did not succeed at first.

Here's the mesh with retaken photos with the right focal depth (at least f8, people), which got a much better point cloud! And none of the 52 images were rejected by Photoscan.


After some cleanup, here's the final mesh and a textured preview before exporting, retopologizing, UV mapping, and texturing. Pretty nifty!!

After all that beautiful program roundtripping, here's a little turntable of croconana! What a handsome young man. Obviously he has some MAJOR holes underneath him, and some holes around the tag, but overall not a terrible first try, especially for such a light colored object! I could have fixed those in Maya,
Zbrush, or Topogun, but this is only a side project between classes and films. My next attempts will have a bit more time put into them.